Simple Example OF Subroutines In C Programming

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kaleidoscope + subroutines In C Programming


//include the required libraries here
void main()
int input01, input02, result;

//give some inputs, but you can make it this C program interactive
input01 = 25;
input02 = 10;

result = multiply(input01,input02);    //subroutine call

printf(“Multiplication of %d and %d is %d”,input01,input02,result);

/* subroutine definition block */
int multiply(int x, int y)
return x*y;


Multiplication of 25 and 10 is 250

When execution starts and encounters the statement ‘result = multiply(input01,input02);‘, execution goes to the function or subroutine call. We can visualise it as follows:


int multiply(25, 10)
return 25*10;   //computes and returns 250

Therefore, multiply() returns its result which is stored into the variable ‘result‘. After the value is returned, execution goes back to main and proceeds to the next statement.

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