Special Words You Can Use In GP Essays – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 02

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1) Disseminate ==> spread widely

In our present era, it is seemingly difficult to disseminate a culture of non-violence.

2) Eradicate ==> destroy completely

Forests are being eradicated at an alarming rate for industrialisation and development purposes.

3) testimony ==> demonstration

The global warming is a conspicuous testimony of the impact of industrialisation.

4) Misconceptions ==> wrong ideas

In Mauritius, many misconceptions have emerged due to the advent of the Cyber-City.

5) Accumulate ==> form an increasing quantity

Doing regular physical exercises, is surely one of the best ways to stop fats accumulating in the human body.

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Daily Short Exercise For You – The Reader!

1) Use the above words to make your own sentences, can you?
2) Explain the meaning of the following words, as I have used them in the above examples, and make sentences with them:
– alarming
– seemingly
– conspicuous
– advent

Use the comment form below to show your answers..

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  1. Anjali says:

    It is very helpful.it saves my time as i dont have 2 search for meaning in dictionary…thanks.

  2. najwan says:

    ya…..so far so good….i can understand those speacial words

  3. Washii babydoll says:

    number 4)) Why doesnt misconception take ‘s’..? we say many misconception ?

  4. Wakish says:

    @Washii babydoll:

    Good catch! That was a typo from my part. Thanks alot for pointing this out! You are sharp, keep that kind of sharpness and alertness, it will keep you forging ahead! 😉

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