Stop, Look, Listen!

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stop look listen

No, I’m no talking about the “Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)” which was a popular hit for Philly soul group The Stylistics in 1971. 😛

Stop. Look. Listen. These three words illustrate the whole scheme of life. You don’t agree with me? 🙂

let’s take a simple scenario:

You see a pretty girl; you stop, you marry here..
Then for the rest of your life, you listen!

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  1. Dandity says:

    LOOK, STOP, listen

    youd LOOK at the girl and then STOP to admire her

    if you saw her you wont stop and look cuz you already did look!

    • Wakish says:

      Nice semantics 🙂

      Thanks you for stopping by..
      – Wakish –

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