Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

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One of the best advertising and marketing is done by submitting your site/blog to a search engine. No amount of press release, newspaper or radio ad, banner ad, spam email or newsletter will achieve the same results in the long run, especially if your site cultivates good informative content.

The best way to submit your website for search engine ranking and inclusion is to do it yourself by contacting the search engine services and directories.


1) Add your URL to Google
2) Yahoo! Search Submission

Before you begin to submit your website to search engines ensure your websites are thoroughly designed with the necessary contents like the right key words, good graphics and pictures and the relevant informative content. Don’t submit websites that are incomplete.

While submitting to a search engine, make sure to provide information about your website, keywords and any other information that may be pertinent, including your name and contact information.

Submission to search engine tools does not guarantee that your site would be immediately listed and the ranking will be high. Because there are thousands of new websites coming up every day and it may take quite some time before they take up your site for review by human editors. So, you have to be patient and concentrate on making your site better, the rest will come in due time. πŸ˜‰

One important factor to remember while submitting a site , if you are running a website (instead of a blog), is to include a site map of your website which makes the crawling easy for the web robots.

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. This post was written in 2007… just wondering if submitting to the search engine still applies in 2009?

  2. Wakish says:

    Hi Joey,

    Yes, it still applies to year 2009.
    But since each year we have new changes, goolge have also brought new changes for webmasters.
    For example, now instead of submitting your website the traditional way mentioned in my post above, you can now create an account in the “Google For Webmasters” aka Google Webmaster Central which you can access at this url:

    With the Google Webmaster Central, you can do MORE than just submitting your site, some main features are:
    1) Submit your site, first of all, to google search index database for consideration
    2) Submit the sitemap of your site or blog – this helps google bot a lot in indexing your site better
    3) Put Google Tracker on your site to observe, track and keep a record of things like: who is accessing your site, from what referrer, from what keywords and how many visits per day, per month..etc..etc

    And so many more other nice features. You should definetly try it if you are a webmaster.


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