Text-Link-Ads Launches inLinks product + Grab Your TLA 15% OFF Coupon

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Text-Link-Ads, aka TLA, has just introduced a new text-link system called “inLinks“. (You can read about The History Of Text Link Ads (TLA) for some background information)

What Are inLinks?

Quoted from tla:

inLinks is an ‘in-content ads’ program for both Publishers and Advertisers.

Inlinks allows you to purchase links within the content area on web pages. You search for instances of your top keywords and replace those static keywords with a hyperlink back to your website. There simply is not a more natural paid link on the market.

What are InLink Futures?

InLinks Futures offers the same features as our regular InLinks product but you pre pay for your ad to be placed so when we find a brand new post with your keywords, your ad will go live instantly with the newly published post! This allows you to get your link on the homepage of the blog which is key in search engines finding your link.

Grab This Exclusive 15% OFF Coupon

For advertisers, here is a golden chance to get a 15% OFF for purchases of inLinks.
The coupon is: Inlinks
You should enter the code as is!

A Surprise For Publishers – WordPress Bloggers

Tla also provides a WordPress plugin, which you can download on your publisher panel. Tla provides a very simple and straight forward 2-step instruction to help you in this process. This plugin seems very cool, I just tried it on another blog. The inline links are “nofollow” which should not pause any kind of problem with the new google requirements.

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