The 15 Characteristics Of A Good Dictionary – The Dictionary Is Your Best Helper!

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concise oxford dictionary

On this blog, I repeatedly preach that it is very crucial you know the basics of the english language and to strengthen your vocabulary to help you write good english. But the key part of this language system is having the right dictionary. Regular use of your dictionary will help you develop your personal vocabulary book much healthier. It is vital that you keep a good dictionary handy. But how to know which dictionary is the desired one? Continue reading..

Characteristics Of A Good Dictionary – The Right Dictionary’s Habits

1) Tells you how words are spelt
2) Tells you how words are pronounced
3) Gives you the different meanings of words
4) Gives examples of how the words are used under their respective context
5) Gives you the plurals of nouns
6) Tells you whether a noun is countable or not
7) Gives you the synonyms and the antonyms of words
8.) Gives you words derived from the same root or family
9) Gives you the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
10) Gives you the past tense and participle forms of verbs
11) Tells you the syllable of a word to stress
12) Tells you the origin of some foreign words
13) Gives you the meanings of useful phrases
14) Tells you the level of usage of a certain word
15) Tells you whether a certain word is a slang word, a taboo word, a formal word, an informal word, an archaic word, a colloquial expression, etc.

If you see a dictionary providing all those above points, it is a good candidate to be considered as the right or good dictionary. For instance, I can convincingly recommend you to use The Concise Oxford Dictionary; I have been using it for the last 6+ years and it has been (and is) a great tool to enhance my English language.

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Dictionaries are great, nowadays though, everyone uses online dictionaries for ease of use and practicality, what is your opinion on the online dictionary?

  2. Wakish says:

    Joey, first of all thanks for your loyal company on my blog. I really appreciate this.

    About online dictionaries:
    I find them a good fast way of looking for a quick meaning. But you don’t always get a full explanation as you would expect from a physical dictionary.

  3. Sabuj says:

    Dear Wakish, thank you for listing the characters. Whenever we use a new (that we did not use before) dictionary, we can say whether that is good or worse. And also can point out why that is better or bad. But we usually don’t willing to write down or list all of those good characters. We say ourself that they are listed in our mind (but not ordered). I know it’s not that easy to write them down. It takes much more time than what we think. Thank so much for this great work.
    But dear brother you should have told one more thing – “The dictionary is best for you that you feel comfortable using”. I like ‘Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary’ and use it. ‘Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English’ is a bit better that the OALD. I also use it. ‘Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary’ is also similar to OALD. I have all these dictionary in my mobile, so I can use them whenever I want, and no matter whenever I am. I also use Oxford Concise English Dictionary – it’s also excellent enough.

  4. Sabuj says:

    And one more thing dear brother. You said that online dictionaries are not full functional. I think you are a little bit wrong. Go to online dictionary of ‘Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary’ and online dictionary of ‘Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English’ and you will everything you see on paper version of them. In the online dictionary of OALD you will not just get the ‘Reference section contents’. Hope you will visit them and tell us more or tell me whether I am right or wrong (maybe, maybe not)
    Dear Wakish and visitors, sorry for my bad English. I am not that good in English. In previous comment I did some mistake. Maybe also in this comment. But I can’t them correct well. Please help me finding the mistakes and correct me. Please . . .

  5. Wakish says:

    thank you for your comment.
    Online dictionaries do provide the meanings correctly, but on the whole there is a big difference between a good physical dictionary and online versions. First of all, physical dictionaries, you pay for them.. great one are even expensive. But online version you use are free. So, there will definetly be a difference.

    But but but, the internet is moving at a very very fast trend, online dictionaries might just be to the quality needed, I think it’s just a matter of time.

  6. Aiman says:

    Hello Wakish
    I dont know how to post a comment on this site so im gonna write it here
    Please please please let me know if you have any idea, that is general paper only an AS Level subject?
    Dont we have an A2 or Alevel qualification for it? What im saying is that, CIE has only mentioned the AS Level syllabus on its site, eventhough ive seen books titled ‘A Level General Paper’
    Which is why im confused, and i need a third Alvl qualification for my university, but im looking for an easy subject

  7. Wakish says:

    Hi Aiman,

    General Paper aka GP paper is available for ONLY Cambridge A Level. I have just confirmed it with a College teacher.

    So you don’t have General Paper for AS or A2 levels.

    Let me know if I have rightly understood your question.
    – Wakish –

  8. sandip says:

    i am very thankful to you and your effort to help we a level students and many others . i have just joined a level in this session . i have hoped i will secure a in gp with your help. i need a sample essay of any topic could u provide. only to take reference and gather the best idea.

  9. alfred owusu ansah says:

    i have enjoyed the studies. it is educative.

  10. mma says:

    i thank you for ur support on dictionary can sumbdy tell mi how to make use of dictionary in daily bases so dat people will be associated with it.

  11. Wakish says:

    thanks guys!

  12. zacharia missana says:

    thanks you for supporting me on the characteristics of good dictionary,now am able to use competent language at various situation.

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