The Amazing Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike Is Progressing – World’s New Unicycle Motorbike!

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Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike

If you search in my Archives, you’ll see that I wrote an article on a strange-looking motorbike called as ‘Electric Uno Bike‘. As a strong believer in free-style creativity, I was very attracted and amazed by this new invention crafted by canadian, Ben Gulak. Till then, I’m constantly keeping an eye on the evolution of this project and I got some news. It seems that the electric uno bike is progressing – that’s super cool. They even have their websites – UnoCylce – BPG-Technologies.

Uno Bike Talked On Press

Uno Bike was listed and mentioned in the following Press:
1) Chicago Tribune
2) Popular Science
3) Motorcycle Mojo

Uno Bike Acclaimed Awards

The sensational unicycle motorbike won the following awards:

1) Invention of the Year (Popular Science Magazine)
2) Best Engineering (National Motorcycle Show)
3) Best in Category (Toronto Motorcycle Supershow)
4) Best Engineering (Toronto Motorcycle Supershow)

The New Future MotorBike?

I still believe they will make it. Ben Gulak is a motivated guy who is fully convinced of his creativity. What do you think? Is there any chance?

Will the Electric Uno Bike succeed in becoming the new generation of bikes?

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