Top 5 Recommended Articles On Wakish Wonderz – Part 1, Blog Related

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I thought about re-digging in my archive garden and re-watering my plants a bit 😉
Here are the Top 5 articles which you should have a glance at:

1) robots.txt – why it this simple file still so widely used?

In this article, I explain and analyse how a robots.txt file can help restricting bots or crawlers to access any particular file or folder on your server. It is also a means to allow a certain bots, like google bot or yahoo bot, to crawl your site and at the same time keeping “bad bots” away..

2) Reducing Load Time Through Image Optimization

Having a lot of images and ads on your blog also means that your blog will load slowly. Image optimization can help minimize this effect!

3) Is a blog the platform you need?

Having a presence online is within anyone’s reach. But to choose the right platform, is a thoughful task. Before indulging yourself into blogging, have you ever asked yourself if this platform is “The” platform that you really need?

4) The Importance of Search Engines

As a blogger or a webmaster, it is essential to understand what is a searh engine and grasp its importance. Search engines is the pillar or heart of information retrieving system online. Without it, websites would not have been what they are today.

5) Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1

Here, I explains in depth approaches, methods and steps to come up with ideas for your blog and how to maximise them. This is a 4-series article which will surely benefit anyone, specially new comers in the blogosphere

Happy reading! 🙂

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