Uses And Limitations Of The Internet – At Glance

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Today while going to work, I was sitting behind two university students. I guess they were in their first year, seeing them revising pretty obvious things, apparently for a class test. (but I was like them too in my first year 😛 )
I heard one of them saying: “did you search for the uses and limitations of the Internet.. damm, we can be assessed today..
So, I tried to figure out the answer in my mind, but then I said to myself why not blog about it tonight itself. So, let’s briefly find an answer to our two “uni friends” examinable question.

Uses Of The Internet

1) Information Resource.

Anyone, anywhere, can use the Internet as an informative resource since it is packed with so many many many articles about almost any topics.

2) Education Resource.

I guess you figured this out: our “two friends” can find an answer to their question online if they haven’t find the solution. But most importantly, they can immediately google for this information right from the university lab (which I bet they did). So, the Internet can be a very handy and instant educative platform for any student from any machine with an internet connectivity.

3) Online Magazines and Newspapers

Nowadays, you don’t really need to buy a newspaper or magazine due to their online availability.

4) Online Shopping and Commerce (E-Commerce)

This is pretty obvious too, you can buy and sell online. A very big advantage of E-Commerce is that you can target a wider audience as compared to a business which is local to a country.

5) Online Communication

How can we possibly forget this one? Internet is a crucial medium for communication and interaction. Examples are blogging (you are reading this from a blog), forum or communities, chat rooms, social platforms like myspace, facebook..etc, instant messaging like msn or yahoo messenger chat, Email, and so many other forms of communication available.

6) Sharing of views and opinions about anything.

A concrete example is me, Wakish, sharing my own perception and experience about “the uses and limitations of the internet” which you are reading right now. Another example might be YOU, the reader, contributing more to what I’m saying by commenting in the form below..

7) Sharing of softwares, music, ebooks and other products

This is pretty much clear.

8.) Advertising and Promotion of items and products.

Internet has become a very powerful advertising medium..infact it’s a craze these days.. Everyone everywhere has something to advertise online, including me 😛 (it’s the mantra..)

9) Video Conferencing and Remote Desktop

These two have undergone a whole new and beneficial dimension, especially for business and companies (If you want an explanation on these two concepts, let me know – I’ll be glad to try to come up with something to please you )

10) *You Say What?*
Common, this is supposed to be you and me discussing, so let us hear some more uses from you!

Limitations Of Internet

1) The quality of information resources might not always be reliable and accurate.

Of course, with so many many websites and webmasters claiming to be an expert in almost anything, we are ending up with stuffs like “learn how to earn online with a 13 year old“. While I don’t blame such approaches, their integrity and experience about the subject is definetly questionable.

2) Searching of information can be very tedious. (It IS definetly time consuming)

Let’s a take an example, just google for the word “money“, you will see 10 pages full of resources (That’s only with google, now there are yahoo, msn..etc). So finding what you are exactly looking for, might take you some hours of browsing..

3) Internet is definetly not 100% secure.

We cannot neglect things like identity theft, a pc being compromised by a cracker or your email account being compromised..etc
( Thought: may be you could think about the possible solutions for this situation )

4) *Say Your Part*
What have I left out or wrongly said? Let me hear you..

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Jirel says:

    Though it has not been very long time I have been familiar to the internet world, I have seen tremendous effect of internet in today’s human life and I think we wouldn’t have made some remarkable changes and developments with out use of internet. Internet has changed the way we think about anything in very unimaginably and I think it would have taken more 50 years( or more) us to reach at the present status of development without use of internet.

    We can see internet is used in almost every field today. Yes, at the same time we cant forget the limitations of th use of internet as well.

  2. Matthew Watson says:

    Thank you very much for this artilce. It was some really good stuff on it, some of which i’m using in my IT course at College.
    I cant think of anything more to add.

    Thanks again

  3. Wakish says:

    Yes indeed, internet has change the whole meaning of life..

    I appreciate it, thanks. Hope you’ll be around often and please do share the link with your friends.


  4. Tasha says:

    I appreciate the info. It’s really helped with a class I’m taking. After further research to the question…what are some limitations of todays internet? I’ve come up with the following:
    *Bandwith limitations-the internet gets congested in peak hours and don’t have the ability to handle high volumes of video and voice traffic to homes and smaller businesses.
    *Quality of Service limitations-the internet uses “best effort” quality of service which makes no guarantees about when or whether data will be delivered and provides each packet with the same leve of service.
    *Language development limitations- HTML, the language of web pages, is fine for text and simple graphics, but poor at defining and communicating “rich documents,” such as databases, business documents, or graphics.
    *Wired Internet- the wired nature of the internet restricts mobility of users although it is changing as Wi-Fi hotspots and cell phones advance.

  5. Wakish says:

    Tasha thanks a lot for your comment and your contribution.

    About the Language development limitations, this limitation is dealt with web languages like php, asp.. This blog in itself is an example of the combination of MySql/PHP/HTML/CSS/JAvascripts to make it “rich content” 😉


  6. Gracielle says:

    what are the factors that limit the use of the internet?

  7. ismail says:

    appretiative and reliable work of all times

  8. ash says:

    internet has pornography
    this is one of its limitations

  9. ma.dulce sagad says:

    in general,the use of internet has its advantages and disadvantages to human behavior.Its up to the user if he or she will use it productively..that’s all.

  10. jocyflex says:

    the internet has been of tremendous use to every being,i kind of imagine what the world was like without it. I thank scientist for this discovery,i’m truely benefiting from it.

  11. Matt says:

    The accessibility of data/information seems infinite with the Internet.

    What if the Internet ‘could’ help people reach potential for evolutionary types of brain changes due to data information overload, lol, but really?!?

  12. teresa says:

    One of the issues forgotten was that the underprivileged to do not have a voice. If they cannot afford the cost of a computer the education to run one and the monthly maintenance, then their input is not included. This in my estimate would be a limitation.

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