Wakish Wonderz Invites You For A Guest Post

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I’m inviting you to submit your “guest post” on Wakish Wonderz. In this process, your site/blog will be getting exposure and also we might learn new things from you, in a new way perhaps. 😉

The requirements are as follows:

Type Of Post Suitable:

=> Anything as long as it is informative and of value to the reader..(at the present time, no advertisement will be accepted as part of the post)
=> The article should be fresh, no duplicate ones please

Other Important Info:

=> You will be given 2 backlinks to your blog for the time being
=> All backlinks will be “DOFOLLOW”
=> Do provide some pics if you can..
=> I reserve the right to edit, modify and format as required, but the article will be credited to your name! (This formatting will be done just to adjust with my style and requirements..)

How To Proceed?

=> get in touch with me with subject line: “Guest Posting” via my contact form and we’ll discuss how to proceed.
(You will be notified by email once your post is accepted)

Excited to see your submissions. 😉

Best Wishes,

– Wakish –

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. a says:

    Hey, great idea! I’ve never seen such a thing before. 🙂

    Let’s see who’s going to be the lucky guest.

  2. Mike Huang says:

    It’s cool you’re inviting people to post guest posts, but I’m sorry because I don’t think I will have the extra time to submit a guest post. 🙁 I barely have enough time to write my own posts..


  3. moserw says:

    Very good offer dude. Should help some bloggers take off. Appreciate your doing this.

  4. Guest Post? Wow! I think I will love this. Today is Sunday and according to my posting schedule, I can submit one only on Wednesday for review.

  5. Wakish says:

    Hi AZ.. It’s cool 😉
    Just use my contact form when you are ready 🙂

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