Website, a Subset of a Blog?

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Website, a Subset of a Blog?

Most of the time, people get confused about the meaning of a blog. The usual tendency is to believe that setting up a blog is just as having a website. Well, this is a big mistake. Let’s understand why!

The Website

A website is most often perceived to be static. A website is there to serve only one purpose, to convey a straight forward message to a target. Most often the content of that website is updated after a long basis or when a change occurs in the entity behind it. Websites are more suited for companies and commercials. You will rarely see an individual having a website, except perhaps just to show a portfolio or biography or simply to display a project?

The Blog

A blog or blogging is a dynamic website! Content is being added and modified several times a day(for advanced bloggers). Dynamic means you have a more comfortable high-level instant interaction with your content. Something which is not otherwise possible with a website. Why? A blog offers you an “interface” to add, modify and delete ANY content. The latter can be content you wrote or a message which others wrote on your blog.

website and blog

With a website can you directly manage your content? No, you will have to modify the codes or use an HTML editor like dreamweaver or Frontpage to make changes to your content and then uploading back to your server. And most importantly a website is not suited to allowing people to convey their “ideas” or “opinion” on your website.
A blog conveys messages to several people irrespective of their nature, ranging from simple users to advertisers and brands.
Blogging has evolved at an alarming pace down the recent years and is continuing to surprise us! Blogging transcends websites to a higher extent. Blogging is becoming a great source of income and a means of full-time job for sensible and committed people who knows how to take full advantage of it. Big vivid example are Darren Rowse, John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker.
I consider these 3 people as the Pele, Maradona and Cantona (not in any particular oder, it’s just an analogy) of the football/soccer world 🙂

Darren Rowse defines a blog and website as follows:

A company has a website. That website talks to customers.
A person has a blog. That blog talks to people.
It’s a matter of attitude, not of technology.

I will go a bit beyond what “problogger” darren said..

Blogging is a big matter of technology being used! The platform and hence the technology which is used for blogs is the backbone of the so called “dynamic website” aka blog.

Now why I will partly agree with “blogging is a matter of attitude”

=> Because technolgy is also stearing up the concept of a website, creating new forms of website known as Content Management Systems aka CMS. This system will allow you to use a website in several ways all at one go! You can have a forum, static website, a dynamic website…etc, all in the same house!
Hence, chosing to have a blog instead of a CMS or website is really a matter of attitude and own perception.

This brings us to our next topic: Is a blog the platform you need?

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