Why Don’t Webmasters Provide A Contact Form? No Contact Form Means Lame Webmaster!

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Contact Form

No Contact Form Is A Big Frustration For Your Visitors

For the last couple of hours, I have been so frustrated to see some reputable web entrepreneur or whatever the “pro-x” they call themselves, they do not have a point of contact. So I have to scan their whole website(s) and blog(s); wasting my time. How can such people don’t have a contact form? That’s so un-pro and lame if you ask me. These guys are at several places and they don’t even provide an easy way to contact them, common what the hell are you doing?

Don’t Make Yourself Sound Like A Moron

I think people who do not provide a contact point are either:
1) too shy or worried when people contact them
2) does not care if people want to say something to them
3) too lazy to provide one
4) considers themselves too much important and hence cannot bother what others need to say – If you fall in this one, I will have to say you are a moron and bias person. The holygrail of an online success is ‘proper networking’ and to network people need to contact you; it is as simple as that.

If you don’t want to sound like any of these type of unhealthy categories, you know what to do.

Sensible Webmasters Will Always Provide A Point Of Contact

And this is also common with several webmasters. If you want to have an online presence, be sure to provide a comfortable and straight-forward way for people to contact you, an example is my contact form. It is visible, easy, simple, direct and fast.

I hope if I have conveyed the message to people reading this – be easily accesible, provide a contact form on your website!

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Farrhad A says:

    I sooo agree with this.
    I just convinced a webmaster on DP, who said he does not need visitors to contact him (lol) to put up a form.

  2. Cashmere says:

    Totally second that! It’s very frustrating to not being able to contact somebody when you really need to just because they do not leave any contact details there..

  3. I think it is very important to have a contact form in every website, I think its one of the basic elements of a website that you NEED to have!

  4. aleksey says:

    I’m also think that it’s necessary and really important! At leas webmaster should leave a email or twitter account!

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