Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1

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Wonderful ideas..
Attention-grabbing ideas..
Amazing ideas..
Mind-blowing ideas..
Top ideas..
Most Selling Ideas..
Compelling ideas..

Well, this is one of the most important tune which keeps on rhyming and rhyming every second, every minute, every hour or everyday in the daily nitty-gritty of a blogger (whether you are a part-time, full time or occassional blogger).

WHY? – Understand What Sells

The bedrock of blogging is undeniably “writing/posting articles“; not just articles, but articles that will convince, persuade and attract the evergrowing virtual population. This will create an urge in your readers to come back to eat yet another wonderful article. And to write such type of articles, you will surely need “Ideas“.

Let me give you a more concrete analogy:

Consider a supermarket for instance. I think in your locality, there should be more than just one of them and in the best case scenario you might even find two of them very close with each other, and yet both of them do work fine, making good profit. Ever wonder and think why and how? 😛

For the supermarket, the prime concern of its buyers is ITEMS. Not just any items (or products), but items that will urge buyers to come often, if not everyday!
Now, this gets us to our next thought, that is, “how” to do that?

HOW? – Think How To Sell

Each of those two supermarket knows that it has to come up with “ideas” of how to provide attractive items, keeping in mind that it has competitors just nearby. To do that, you will notice ideas like “buy one and get another free”, :”our item has an unbeatable price, if you find a better price elsewhere, come and claim one free!” and also most of the time these supermarkets will ALWAYS have something which the other will not provide, whether in terms of price, creativity, quality or quantity.. etc..etc..etc
But the main thing is: To have the right idea, to sell the right stuff, to the right audience.

Let’s get back to blogging, how can we come up with wonderful ideas to attract readers and make them love our blog and create a feeling of “apartenance” to our blog? How can you bring the right idea?

This bring us to PART 2. (Click!)

Till, then have a nice time!
– Wakish –

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  1. Dexter | Techathand.net says:

    Thanks for the info.. By the way your flower pictures made me star reading your post.. 🙂

    Happy Blogging

  2. Wakish says:

    Hey Dexter! Nice to see you around.. 😉
    Don’t miss out the next part 😛

    – Wakish –

  3. Jamz says:

    wow, Thanks for the info. Really neat site you got here!

  4. Wakish says:

    Thanks Jamz!

  5. Nesher says:

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