Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 2

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This is the second part of Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1

In this edition, we will explore what it takes to breed the right idea.
While there are so many ways and quick tips to help you come up with wonderful ideas, I will first explore in detail, points that I consider to be more important to understand to us, bloggers (specially to new bloggers). I will begin with the “basement” and gradually climbing up to more useful tips. You will notice that I will go very deep inside each point I will mention. While it would have been very easy for me to just mention them briefly, I don’t find any fun or self-satisfaction with such quick approach. You will also find that each successive points is related to the previous ones, making them a complete process in themselves.
So prepare yourself for some deep thoughts and discussion (also please engage yourselves with us and discuss 😉 )

Let’s begin with two important approaches:

1) Have the right attitude – The constant thinking mind

First of all, ask yourself why are you blogging? If it is to earn some quick bucks online, then you better stop here!
Blogging is a philosophy and bloggers need to shape a certain behaviours and attitude. Bloggers blog because they are passionate and willing to spend time writing good informative and valuable stuffs for others to benefit first! Bloggers are eager to share! They are not selfish! Are you prepared to share your knowledge and experiences? If the answer is yes, congrats! You form part of the true meaning of being a blogger and you should be proud of it!
(What about the earning part? Common let’s face it, if in this process, after a big while, the blog earns the blogger some indirect money and fame, I don’t see why we have to blame him for that!)

Let’s clear one thing, can you play chess if you don’t like to think? No! Why? Because chess involves thinking and analysis in every single move. Similarly, you cannot blog correctly in the long run, if you don’t like to think.

Blogging involves a lot of thinking, analysis, observation and discussion. It requires constant thinking wherever you are; whether be it when you are eating, playing, working or watching tv. So, you have to develop the habit of thinking and asking questions to yourself. Excuses like “I cannot blog because I’m not able to come up with ideas” is a pretty lame excuse if you ask me. This is just because you are lazy to make your mind think! Think about it, am I right? (Now there are moments when really your mind can’t think, we will talk about this later). Nobody can inculcate this thinking attitude except yourself! Thinking, just like reading or writing, comes with constant effort and will. Infact, thinking is more natural and easy to do than reading or writing.. why not maximise this potential to your advantage? Instead of thinking about useless things, train your mind to think critically, analytically and creatively!

2) Reading and Interaction is crucial!

To be able to develop your analytical thinking, you need to read a lot. A lot? Not really! You need to read the right thing instead! When reading, quality is better than quantity. Learn to read some quality stuff. Read books or online material that have weight in terms of knowledge instead of craps or gossips or common daily stuffs (yes of course, once in a while it’s ok).. When you read an article, you have to feel you are gaining something. You have to feel that it is helping your mind to understand and see things better and probing your mind to think beyond!

Now that you like thinking and reading, it’s time to interact (or communicate)!
How? This is very easy since you have so many many online communities. But here also, you need to join communities which have substance. Also make sure you see that there are some experienced people around who can provide assistance and insights. This is crucial! A community with only newbies is not likely to do any good to you. You have to make sure the community is well balanced! Join communities centered around writing, blogging, online business and communities which will benefit on increasing your awareness on your niche..etc Examples of communities are blogcatalog, digital point forums..etc (There are so many, look around and see which ones best suit you! It is also a matter of taste.)

You’ve joined a community.. Very good? Not yet! You have to participate and communicate. Sitting around just idly or passively watching, will not work! Go ask questions, even if it is the silliest ones. Better be a fool for one day, than for your whole life! Everybody makes mistakes in the first steps, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
With time, you will find yourself building some insight and getting the hang of how things are. So, now it is time to provide help to newbies. 🙂

How does this whole process help you in getting ideas for your blog?

=> When reading – you develop awareness which help see things better. In the end you will say “ah, so that’s how it is..”

Awareness + thinking = Emergence of new better ideas

=> Interaction & communication in communities – When asking questions, you get several solutions to your queries from different people. This helps you see things in different angle. When responding and helping others, this contributes a whole lot to a better understanding of what you are writing/doing.

Interaction + Writing = (Better Understanding + thinking) => Gives rise to better flow of new ideas

Keep In Mind
Coming up with wonderful ideas is not a 1 day work. It is the result of a constant effort.

This bring us to Part 3 – Click!

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Thanks wakish, I decided to keep going just because of you.

    This is the same info you told me on the comment you gave me on my blog.

  2. Very insightful and imaginative illustrations. I’ve gathered some interesting key words: right articles, ideas (with all the accompanying adjectives), think, read, analytically, critically, quality vs quantity…

  3. Wakish says:

    Hey there.. glad you took my advice into consideration.
    And well..this is not really the same thing as I commented on your blog, it is perhaps a bit more elaborated and with more advice? 😉

    Thanks a lot..

  4. Tomas says:

    Good article.
    Thank you. I was tremendously enriched through reading your post. You helped me to comprehend that just putting down few words aren’t the blogging. So to say, the truth of being alive till now don’t make the confession “I am alive” the worthy of the sharing.
    Dear Wakish, let me thank you the wholeheartedly. As a blogger I am a failure (I have nothing informative and valuable to share, and my grieving for “no discussions” on my blogs was the selfish)- I am going to retreat as a blogger, but I will remain your thankful reader for ever.

    Thank you once again for the wonderful post.

  5. Wakish says:

    Dear Tomas, first of all I’m gald you appreciate the article.

    Now about saying that you are a failure, let me say something:
    Tomas, from your blogs, I can see that you are an artist. Not just a simple artist, but a brilliant and talented artist. And an artist does not need words to express what he/she wants to express, because the meaning of being an artist is simply this “to express ideas, thoughts and perception through artistic drawings”.
    And from my point of view you exhibit a lot of energy and creative thoughts via your artistic drawings and hence I will say that you are a complete success of an artistic blogger! 🙂

    But as I once told you, you just need to introduce more interaction and discussion between your reader/viewer and you. And I have seen that you are now allowing “libre” commenting which is definetly positive my friend!

    I hope you don’t quit what you are doing, but instead continue to make us amazed and make your blog better 😉

    Yours sincerely,
    – Wakish –

  6. Jirel says:

    Really great article with everything explained in detail and clearly Wakish.
    Yes, need to do continues effort in everything from thinking to writing and communications to be successful in blogging.
    Waiting the third part of this article,


  7. Margaret says:

    I think you’ve left out a niche of bloggers – those who blog as a way to journal their lives. These may not be blogs you find easily on the internet as they can be rather private, but nevertheless, they exist and have value at least to the people who write them if not to any readers they might have. And as is the case in this life, sometimes those personal diaries end up becoming more.


  8. Diamond Digger says:

    “You have to feel that it is helping your mind to understand and see things better and probing your mind to think beyond!”

    hmmmm…I must be your comic relief after all that deep, useful thinkin’…lol

    No really, you have a very insightful blog Wakish. I enjoyed the article. I think it took me a little bit to realize that everything I do can give me ideas for my blog. At first, I would say it’s time to write a post…gee, what should I write. Now I do like you suggested. Whatever I’m doing even if it’s not sick, twisted, or funny 😉 I try to see how I could incorporate the experience into a post.

    I also, make sure that I am active within key blogging communities…amazing what you can learn there. And the folks you can meet. And the great blog finds. 🙂

    And when I’m not writing a post…I blog hop. You can learn a lot from fellow bloggers, like I am here.

    Thanks and take care!

  9. Wakish says:

    Thanks 😉 Yeah see you around for the 3rd part 🙂

    I understand what you mean.. but I don’t see any point of such type of blogging if you are not communicating, conversing or sharing with other people.. what’s the use of this private writing? Talking with oneself? Might be good, but that’s not the way I see blogging..

    @Diamond D:
    It’s always a pleasure to hear something from you.. you kinda have a unique jovial way of writing things 😉

    Indeed, it’s amazingly wonderful what you can learn, share and live with such communities..

    PS: Blogging is forming part of the new type of communities 😉

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