Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 3

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What This Article Is About

This is a continuation of Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 2. In this series and as in the previous one, I’m giving an explanation, going in deep details, on how to breed the right idea. This part is related and dependent on the previous 2 methods. As I said, all these approaches are inter-related and are built upon the previous ones. So make sure you read Part 2.
Continuing this series from last time:

3) Absorption Time

Now that you are making a good constant effort in thinking, reading and interacting. The next step is to allow your mind to digest all these activities.
There is a simple, but effective, approach to this process:
a) Note down main points in a special notebook and re-read at a later time and try to make a recap about what you have read and understood. If you find that something is fading out, go back to your original online source and re-read and re-consolidate everything.

Let’s explain why you need this approach:

You see, when you are online and you are browsing so many pages, your mind will not be able to “store and save” all those information, simply because your mind is not a computer, is it? 😛
Therefore, whenever you come across a worthwhile article or line, take the habit of quickly noting them down in your special notebook (or whatever you use). This way, you make sure that you will not forget about important stuffs you came across, thereby also eliminating wastage of precious time and energy to search and re-read the same online article again and again. Another advantage to this, is that quick notes are more handy than the original online source.

The method of re-reading and re-thinking at a later time is very crucial. This time interval allows for better absorption of ideas and understanding in your mind. This is important for us, bloggers!

Absorption Of What you learn = Productive Growth Of Wonderful Ideas

4) Regeneration of energy – Exercise and eat healthily to blog healthily

If you just keep on and on starring at your monitor doing all these things, your body will start to be tired; your eyes will be affected, you might run into small pains in your legs, at your back, in your hands..etc, just because you have been sitting for so long. The result is that your mind, your thinking genius which helps you blog, will gradually be less and less productive. Meaning, you will not be able to come up with ideas and to express them. (You remember last time I mentioned about “a moment when your mind cannot think“?)

How to tackle this common and general problem which all of us bloggers face?

Take frequent short breaks of 5 to 15 mins, or even more if needed.
What to do during this small period?
=> Go breeze some fresh air
=> Walk a bit around your house.. “move it up, move your body!” Do some light exercise.
For instance in my case, I love playing football, so I have a small balloon which I always keep in my house. Whenever I take a short break, I just run around with it, do some tricks and juggle with it. I never get tired playing and I always try innovative tricks with the ball. If you like weight lifting, do it lightly during frequent breaks. If you are an athletic person, that’s a big advantage since you will be very creative about how and what type of exercise you will need during frequent breaks.

The idea here is to do something which will move your body and make your mind relaxed.

=> Take a nap. Well, I will not exercise in all the breaks I take each time, I will at times just jump on my bed and take a nap (a short sleep or doze). Naps are also very good in helping your mind absorb things and also help your body regenerate its strength.

Eat Healthily

=> Drink a lot of water. Keep a bottle of water handy on your table and drink it often making it appear as if it is your “tonic”. Drinking a lot of water will also make you go to the toilet often and thereby making you leave your chair and move your body frequently 😉

=> Eat the right food. This will help your body stay healthy and when your body is healthy, your mind will work better.

How Does This Relate To Breeding Wonderful Ideas?
Hey Wakish, you are going off-topic man!” Not really 🙂
Let me prove to you:

Regeneration of your body’s energy + healthy care = (good mood and metabolism) = Productive Mind

Productive Mind = (A Tremendous Boost In Helping you think, analyse and come up with Wonderful Ideas!)

Keep In Mind
Coming up with wonderful ideas is not a 1 day work. It is the result of a constant effort as we have seen and we will..

Part 4

=> Part 4 is here: Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Maximize And Boost Your Ideas? => PART 4 (Final)

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Jirel says:

    At the start of blogging, I just used to read articles on internet and leave them. But, when I latter remember some points from what I have read already, I have to search that item again and sometime I hadn’t found or had taken very long time as you have written.

    Between blogging, I love to listen my favotite music. It makes me fresh and come up with more new ideas. I also to out and talk with my friends and relatives.

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