Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Maximize And Boost Your Ideas? => PART 4 (Final)

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Previous Series => PART 01, PART 02, PART 03

In part 2 and part 3 we saw how to breed the ideas, more precisely about the approaches you need to have. Now in this final part, we will see some tricks and methods to help you capitalize, maximize and boost ideas coming in your mind. Let’s get started:

1) PSM – Plan, Manage And Schedule Your Blogging Activity

To help you understand, I will take my personal experience with this point.
Initially, I used to blog only when I was motivated and when I felt in the mood to write something. But this proved to be a bad method since I saw myself blogging very rarely with at times producing only like 3 articles per month. And at times, I saw myself also blogging in excess – see my Archive Page to observe this trend. This eratic behaviour is not desirable in the long run, you have to blog in a consistent fashion; whether every week, every friday, only on weekends or everyday.

What I want to say here is to spot when you can blog with a free mind, on a day or days when you can only do one thing, that is blogging. In my case, I spotted my blogging time to be specially on saturdays and/or sundays. During this time interval, I concentrate only on doing one thing, blog. When I’m done with this day objective, then I go on to the next objective, in my case coding my online game.

2) Note Down Every Single Idea

The biggest mistake a blogger can make is to think of a brilliant idea and saying I will get back to it later when I blog. This “later time” is your idea killer. You will not be in the same state of mind as in that perfect time when that wonderful idea came into your mind.
To prevent idea leakage, do the following:
a) Use a notebook – In real life, keep a notebook handy and jot down your ideas. When on pc, use programs like NotePad, WritePad or whatever you like to note and save all your ideas
b) Emailing – When I’m work, at times it happens that an idea just flash across my mind, so I write everything on notepad and at the end of the day I just email it to myself. Once at home I have it handy.
c) Recording – Some people like recording ideas. You don’t need to buy a recorder nowadays, most of the mobile phones do provide this feature. So those who like recording, just use your mobile 🙂
d) A Moleskin – A handy framework which is aimed only at one thing: “help you note down and organise your ideas
Read More at these sites:
Moleskine.co.uk — Moleskine the legendary notebook

3) Put What You Noted, Into Actions

Just noting down everything and leaving aside, does no good. Most of the time, it might be easy to say that we have everything noted and we can surely get back later on. This is another mistake. Use your Planned Blogging Time, to put your jotted thoughts into action by developing them into a full-fledged article.

4) Write Ideas AT once

Whenever possible, do write down your ideas into a flowing article at once. Because the best time to actually come up with a good post, is the time when a wonderful idea hits your mind. This is the perfect time, why not capitalize on it?! You will find that writing things in this way, will definetly bring you the best of articles.

5) Inspiration And Motivation

Writing, just like any other passion that you have, can be triggered by inspiration and motivation. Analyse yourself and see what are the sources of inspiration and motivation. For some people these sources might be another successful blogger, a book author, an actor, music or just sitting in a place where you are in contact with nature and clamness.
Find it and see wonderful ideas emerging like flowers’ scent.


That’s it, we have a full blown set of approaches and methods to help you come up with wonderful ideas. Hopefully if you follow them, you will surely see a positive growth in your blogging trend.

Is It Over?

This series of coming up with the right idea is over, but keep hooking we still have to analyse how to bring the right stuff to the right audience.

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you for so comprehensive comments (the article) on how to blog. While reading your posts and thinking about myself I clearly saw the intuitiveness of my writing style that led me to the second-rater posts in spite of total sincerity. The consciousness is the powerful tool but that’s so just in case we use it in deed. You have helped me to grasp that.
    My coming to your blog was the real blessing- I am learning to write now. Your remarks started my notebook. I hope to reap the better harvest than I was used to have until now. Thanks once again.

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