Words You Need To have In A Story Or Essay

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words for essay

This article is a collection of useful words specially meant for students or anyone who is indulged in writing stories or essays (or writing in general) 😉

1) Mind

Vexed (vexations), perplexed, puzzled, worry about, absent-minded, upset, tense, depressed, distraught, blank mind, short-minded, broad-minded, quietened my mind, my mind tossed like a tempestuous sea, mentally disturbed, retarded, insane, a mad cap, unmindful of, nervous, irritated, irascible

2) Attitude

self-centered, egoistic, egocentric, respond, tyrranical attitude, usurper, vilainous, vilainy, debased person, baseless person, unscrupulous person, swindler, fraudulent person, upright

3) Behaviour

playful, mindful, indifferent, ironical, sarcastic, bitter, gloomy, aloof, attentive, obsequous, servile, dispassionate, moody, amiable

4) Abusive Language

barbaric, offensive, uncultured, unschooled, feel disrespect for, inconsiderate, paying heed to his brutal words, pierced you through your heart, lack of tact, in his face, swore at him squarely

Do you have your collection? Let us hear yours? 😉

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  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you for the nice collection of words, dear Wakish.

    The right words can serve us well in case we have the reader…but any words will be just the useless garbage If we will talk just with ourself and for ourselves…

    The way of my writing or not writing can’t change anything in my life. I see no perspective for my blogs in the concrete. And that’s so not because of my emotions or the mental attitude. Yes,it would be fine to continue the blogging, but I am to pay too high cost for that luxury. I need to pay for my internet connection (I need to have the computer)Thus the lovely chatter online has nothing in common with for a free.
    I haven’t money even for a trip (50km) to the museum where my pictures are in permanent exposition… lots of various parties were arranged already, but I earned just zero.

    The right words can help me to put all above more eloquently, but does anybody needs my memories?

    Wow, You are incredibly lucky for having the chance to talk and to witness the life of your words. Meanwhile I am writing in language that is unknown to my friends.

    When I started the blogging, I thought about the possibility of making money online as the only way to support the art therapy pictures and my own life… However, I understood soon that such plans fit just for the rich in the wealthy countries (personally I have no credit card and can’t use neither PayPal nor anything alike.

    Human Spirit knows no geographical boundaries, but our life depends on our body, meanwhile mine is …

    Two of my blogs were deleted already, but lots of my pictures are still remaining on a web and are awaiting for you
    Welcomed to


    I don’t know how long I could blog more. But at a moment, all I have is for all and for a free.

  2. Satyam Shrestha says:

    This article really has helped me a lot.I really want to thank wakish for this article.

  3. I have four more days to go before my GP paper 1 exam. I hope this can help me. Thank you so much! I appreciate it ^^

  4. kayen says:

    I find your writing useful and I have got 1 month so far for my General paper exam,I read student’s written essay which my teacher gives(Those with an A **) but i have been fooling myself lately and cant concentrate.I am hope that reading your writings will help me a lot and thank you for the information that i haven’t had until now.

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