Writing – The Why And The Essence

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The Essence Of Writing

Writing forms part of the evolution of a human being as from the small age or more precisely in the first stages of primary education. Why is this so? To answer this question we should perhaps first of all ask ourselves what is the aim of education; the purpose of all education should be (is?) to teach students to think and to write well so that they can express their thoughts effectively. Students should also be taught how to read critically, thinking about what they read – because reading supported by personal observation and conversation is the key to knowledge and knowledge is the key to virtue and acquiring wisdom!

What Is Writing – Is Like ‘Growing It’

That element of writing forms part of the pillars of a successful man. At an early stage, when children are introduced to this new tool which is writing, some of them think it’s so boring. I remember my first essays at primary school. Those were my headaches, as so many of my friends. But we were still so young and immature, so what about the mature (only physically or mentally) and grown-up people? Still nowadays many adults find themselves in a deep confusion when the ‘boss’ asks them to draft or to write a report or still some become utterly perplexed when the little ‘Mr junior’ comes and say “daddy/mummy teach me how to write a good essay..“. This sad outcome is the result that those people either failed to grasp the importance and true meaning of writing or they have perhaps not been able to nourish and maintain the faculty of writing efficiently and hence effectively in the long run.

Why Should You Write – Writing Is A Catalyst To Success

Why should we write conveniently? Is it just because for the sake of education, for the sake of x, y or z? NO to a large extent! The ability to express yourself clearly is (and will be) an essential basis for success as a student, when applying for employment and still in any career. In any subject (even in any career), if two students (or 2 job applicants) are otherwise equal in ability and intelligence, the one who is the better able to convey thoughts effectively in writing will score the higher marks and earn the higher respect and due consideration.

My Famous And Loved Quote – Purpose Of Education

To end here, let me quote a very lovely, thoughtful and valuable sentence from a famous writer, Dorothy L. Sayers – in her book ‘The Lost Tools of Learning‘, she wrote: “Modern education concentrates on teaching students subjects, leaving the method of thinking, arguing and expressing one’s conclusions.. [Teachers] are doing for their pupils the work that the pupils themselves ought to do. For the sole true end of education is simply this; to teach men how to learn for themselves and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain.

I hoped I have instilled in you the importance of writing and that you have appreciated this first piece of work/contribution of mine. I wish you all the best and may you enjoy the benefits of writing and hence the success of a professional man.

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. anne says:

    What do you mean by critical thinking? My teacher always said to me how important it is to think critically when answering a GP question. And till now, i still dont get her. will you help me?

  2. Wakish says:

    Hi anne..
    Critical thinking is a methodology or an approach to think and read intelligently.
    It means that you are able to judge and discuss anything through all possible angle, finding any problems and solutions.

    Critical thinking helps to overcome shortcomings in perception, sensibility and understanding and hence to sharpen them day by day.

    It does not come all of a sudden, it takes time.. you have to read materials which will help you in this process. An example is the book I suggested in my next article.
    And if you are doing a GP class, this is the best moment to grow your “analytical thinking”, but provided you come across the right tutor or teacher since not all of them are good at it.

    Also, you need to have some personal motivation to arouse that kind of philosophy in you, else it’s just “effort spent in vain”.

    – Wakish –

  3. victor says:

    thank you for the information but either then convey ones thoughts effectively(critical thinking,etc) is their any other benefits writing has on the mind.

  4. Wakish says:

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, writing does have an impact on our mind. It helps our mind to remain active, alert, thinking and breathing, amongst others. I will try to write an article on this soon 😉


  5. I really appreciate your effort in maintaining this blog; it has helped me a lot in improving my writing. Thanks a lot.

    I have a comment on your present article regarding the aim of education. I will put it this way: the aim of education is to help a person to understand the complex way the society works, and to help him to be an integral part and, furthermore, a contributive member of it.

    Success in life is not the aim of education, rather, it is a bonus!!! Effective writing and communication, independent/critical thinking, expanding knowledge and skill, etc. are only the essential means to achieve the above aim.

    Sandeep Palakkal

  6. style007 says:

    nice advice and morals!..gud work man..keep it up

  7. salman zeb says:

    Hi, this is me , salman.I want to share my views on “How to develop critical writing skills”.Two things are most important in this regard;one is to make yourself touch with reading of (good english writers that writes effective and meaningful), and the other is to write on different topics with concentration and clarity.
    Please post some comments on my paragraph and also send it to my mentioned email address.
    From salman zeb

  8. Wakish says:

    Hi Salman, thanks for your comment. Your ideas are good.
    The sentence could be improved as follows:

    Two things are most important in this regard; one is to keep yourself in touch with the habit of reading (especially from good english writers that write effectively and meaningfully), and the other is to write on different topics with concentration and clarity.

  9. Sherilyn says:

    ……..hi!thank u so mux..I hope u can inspire more readers!God Bless!

  10. alyssa says:

    what is the essence of writing a narrative?
    pls answer.. thanks 🙂

  11. Wakish says:

    Thank you so much!! 😉

    I’m not sure if you have correctly understood what ‘essence’ means. This sentence does not quite make sense, does it? Re-explain what you want to say please?


  12. amii says:

    That was indeed really helpful to me because i hated my GP class!!!

  13. sab says:

    very interesting and useful article…good work 🙂

  14. dinesh says:

    pl give your details to improve my engkish writing

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